RenalVysion™ is a valuable cytodiagnostic test for assessing renal injury caused by common diseases including diabetes and hypertension. Another area of considerable utility is the detection of urinary stone disease. Crystals and calcifications can be recognized using this technique. Hematuria is often the first and only indication that there is a disease state in an otherwise healthy individual.

RenalVysion is a complete and sensitive test; it is non-invasive and inexpensive and benefits patients by early detection of many diseases. Nephrocor, a single source laboratory, offers this expert hematuria analysis to urologists, nephrologists, and other practioners throughout the country.

RenalVysion can aid physicians in refining the diagnostic possibilities for patients with evidence of kidney or urinary tract disease. Its quantitative assessment provides physicians a highly accurate tool when considering renal biopsy and for monitoring therapeutic response once a biopsy has diagnosed a renal disease. Accurate, definitive results are essential when managing a patient with kidney disease.


  • RenalVysion is an Excellent Tool for New Patient Evaluation
  • Easy Specimen Collection
  • Only 30 mL Needed for Complete RenalVysion Profile
  • Assists in Determining Whether or Not to Perform a Biopsy
  • Comprehensive Testing for Detection and Monitoring of Renal Disease
  • Slides are Permanently Prepared for Review, Follow-up and Quality Control
  • Can Reduce the Need for Multiple Biopsies
  • Provides Evidence of Abnormalities not Visible Using Brightfield Microscopy
  • RenalVysion Includes Traditional Cytopathological Evaluation for Cancer
Renal Biposy Graph