Partners In Renal Pathology Patient Education

We are dedicated to providing patients with the latest information regarding the detection, treatment and prevention of kidney disease.

While many serious kidney diseases are more common in African Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and seniors, they can occur in any ethnic group and at any age, including adolescence. All people are susceptible to kidney diseases, regardless of gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic background. People with diabetes, hypertension, and a family history of kidney disease are at a higher risk of having a kidney disease.

One in nine Americans have chronic kidney disease (33 Million Americans) while 20 million more are at an increased risk for chronic kidney disease. As the rate of kidney diseases increases, patient education is more important than ever.

Your physician has chosen to send your specimens to Nephrocor, a single source laboratory dedicated to renal pathology. Please review the information provided by your physician and follow the recommendations for disease management.